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  • Premiere: “Monsters” by The End Of America

    “Is the world slowly breaking?” ask James Downes, Trevor Leonard, and Brendon Thomas, who make music together as Philadelphia folkicana outfit The End Of America, in the chorus of their new single “Monsters,” out officially on July 19th. It’s a question for the ages and one that bears pointed significance in these perilous times in […]

  • Video Premiere: “Sideways (Live at The Lafayette Hotel NYE)” by Creature and The Woods

    Today, San Diego indie folk collective Creature and The Woods, led by singer-songwriter and guitarist Roger Molina (Noise Ratchet), Dan Cervantes on guitar and pedal steel (Howlin’ Rain, Mrs. Henry), Justin Rodriguez (Counterfeit) on bass, Jody Bagley (Mrs. Henry) on keys, and Chad Lee (Silent Comedy, Mrs. Henry) on drums, unveil a new live video […]

  • Video Premiere: “Hot Southern Nights” by Swearingen & Kelli

    The “good old days”–like fine wine, memories get more robust with time, the rough edges of circumstances smoothed out by its passage, leaving the best parts behind. In their new video “Hot Southern Nights,” Americana duo Swearingen & Kelli pay homage to the simpler times of AJ Swearingen’s parents and their humble beginning amongst the […]

  • Video Premiere: “Two Way Street” by Annie Bacon & her OSHEN

    In the English vernacular, we often refer to the action behind an idea as a “two-way street”–loyalty, relationships, communication, they all seem to fit into that concept. In her new single “Two Way Street,” Michigan-based singer-songwriter Annie Bacon contends that love doesn’t always work that way. And that’s true sometimes, isn’t it? Often, we find […]

  • Video Premiere: “All The Hornets Burn” by Michael Thomas Howard

    “These songs just needed to come out, and there was no other way to go about it,” says folkster Michael Thomas Howard of his forthcoming release All The Hornets Burn, out November 16th via Soundchest Records. With deep roots in the Alaskan punk and post-hardcore scene of the early 00’s, Thomas, whose DIY approach and […]