Video Premiere: “Sideways (Live at The Lafayette Hotel NYE)” by Creature and The Woods

Photo: Kristy Wlaker

Today, San Diego indie folk collective Creature and The Woods, led by singer-songwriter and guitarist Roger Molina (Noise Ratchet), Dan Cervantes on guitar and pedal steel (Howlin’ Rain, Mrs. Henry), Justin Rodriguez (Counterfeit) on bass, Jody Bagley (Mrs. Henry) on keys, and Chad Lee (Silent Comedy, Mrs. Henry) on drums, unveil a new live video for their new single “Sideways.” The song follows J Tree, the band’s latest EP, released in May. 

Filmed on New Year’s Eve at legendary San Diego Hotel The Lafayette, the video is an entirely live cut, in both film and sound. “It was one of the performances that just grooved perfectly,” recalls Molina. “The song floats into the feels of friendship, solitude and the power of belief in the people around you—people coming and going, staying to dance, moving to party, and singing the song when they knew it.”

“Sideways” features the band’s rich four-part harmony set to swaying guitar rhythms and desert heat—the perfect end-of-the-night singalong tune, when glasses are raised to an evening well-spent, and one that might not quite be over.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew presents “Sideways,” the new video from Creature and The Woods. Click HERE to watch.

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