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Mother Church Pew was founded in 2015 by Susan Hubbard. In July of 2020, Susan handed off the reins of the blog to my care. I am profoundly grateful to her for both believing in me to write for the blog and for entrusting me as editor. Susan is now Director of Communications for Sideways Media. She is always welcome and encouraged to contribute to the blog as much as she would like.

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Now, I guess I should share something about myself. However, instead of a standard bio, I thought it would be easier to share some fast facts in a Q/A format:

What is your background in music?

Until 2015, I was simply a music fan. Like Susan, I have a law degree and practiced for several years as an attorney. However, I loved music and wanted an escape from the misery of being a lawyer. In 2015, I was introduced to Susan and she was kind enough to take a shot on me writing an album review. Since then, I expanded into concert and music festival coverage, including photography.

Do you prefer live or recorded music?

I am a huge fan of live music. There’s something special in the connection that builds between the crowd and the band that you just can’t get from an album. The first concert I remember going to was Little Richard. I was in preschool aged.

I was at a concert when I first got the urge to do more than just be a music fan. It was the first time I went to a show at the famous Exit/In in Nashville. One of the opening acts was a solo guitarist who unfortunately broke a guitar string–on the only guitar he had. Fortunately, one of the other opening acts lent him an instrument so the show could go on. Later, watched as the various bands helped each other load on and off the stage. It was so different from the big production shows I had experienced. I knew I wanted to help small acts like the ones I saw that night get their music to more people.

What are some of your favorite concerts you have been at?

There are too many favorites to list I often think about how lucky I was to catch the Buffalo Springfield reunion at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Honestly many of my best music memories come from that festival including everything from Muse to Brandi Carlile, as well as Bobby Womac’s last show.

What kind of music should we submit?

I like all kinds of music. However, Mother Church Pew is focused on Americana, alt-country, and bluegrass. If you want to submit indie rock, alternative, or indie pop tracks, please send them to Mother Church Pew’s partner publication East of 8th.

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SUSAN HUBBARD, Editor/writer

Susan, a self-described life-long band nerd and strong advocate for proper grammar, began her musical adventures at age 9 at a piano keyboard.  While her heart told her to pursue music as a career, she decided that the world needed at least one more scientist;  Susan then headed to North Carolina State University, where she spent most of her time in the music department.  After graduation, she spent almost a whole year setting accidental fires in a chemistry lab, and decided to seek her fortune as an attorney.  After graduating with a law degree from Texas A&M University School of Law, she started her law practice in Tennessee.

When she’s not playing bass guitar, arguing with people in court, diagramming sentences, or scouring the digisphere for the newest and most exciting things in Americana for the Hype Machine-listed Mother Church Pew to dazzle your ears, Susan is fervently helming her independent and alternative music site, East of 8th (www.eastof8th.com), in Nashville.

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