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SUSAN HUBBARD, Editor/writer

Susan, a self-described life-long band nerd and strong advocate for proper grammar, began her musical adventures at age 9 at a piano keyboard.  While her heart told her to pursue music as a career, she decided that the world needed at least one more scientist;  Susan then headed to North Carolina State University, where she spent most of her time in the music department.  After graduation, she spent almost a whole year setting accidental fires in a chemistry lab, and decided to seek her fortune as an attorney.  After graduating with a law degree from Texas A&M University School of Law, she started her law practice in Tennessee.

When she’s not playing bass guitar, arguing with people in court, diagramming sentences, or scouring the digisphere for the newest and most exciting things in Americana for the Hype Machine-listed Mother Church Pew to dazzle your ears, Susan is fervently helming her independent and alternative music site, East of 8th (www.eastof8th.com), in Nashville.

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