Video Premiere: “Rattling My Bones” by Brian Pounds

“If you don’t like this video, then I’ve wasted 1/4 of my life savings,” laughs Brian Pounds of “Rattling My Bones,” his newest release. The song appears on the quick-witted Texas-based singer/songwriter’s 2017 album, Southern Writer; in personal protest against mainstream streaming services, Pounds made the thoughtful decision not to make the album available via iTunes, Spotify, or other platforms other than his website.

“Streaming services don’t pay their songwriters enough. They’ve essentially taken the main revenue stream for songwriters and chopped it into about a tenth of what it should be,” he explains in a letter to his fans found on his website. “I think it’s also changing the way we listen to music. With such an unending catalog of music available, and so many artists vying for your attention, it’s become way too easy to just click the skip button if the song doesn’t catch you in the first 10 seconds. To me, that encourages uncomplicated music. I personally think great music takes time to evolve. Great music has to grow on you. You have to invest your time and figure it out. And I think streaming services undermine that process.” We tend to agree.

Even so, we were captivated immediately with “Rattling My Bones”; filmed at Blue Rock Studios in Wimberley, Texas, the video features Pounds in-studio, with dreamy footage interjected throughout, as he poignantly recalls the loss of someone he loved. With the tenderness of James Taylor and the conviction of Chris Stapleton, Pounds’ wistful melodies wind their way into the heart, tugging all its strings.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Rattling My Bones,” the new video from Brian Pounds:

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