Video Premiere: “Skipping Stone” by Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards

Songs can transport you to another era, to a place that echoes with memories whose rough edges have been smoothed by the passage of time. The wistful nostalgia of “Skipping Stone,” a tune from Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards’ recent release, California Calling via Compass Records, does just that. In its reflection of a love lost, the band relays hopeful melancholy that makes a beeline to the heart.

The song’s easy groove and yearning fiddle flourishes are reminiscent of summer nights with bare toes tangled in dewy grass by the thrill of firefly light. Today, the band unleashes the retro-tinged mesmerizing new video for “Skipping Stone,” which features Portland-based synchronized swimming group, the talented Rose City Raindrops, making formational magic in the Willamette River.

“It’s hard to keep me out of clear cold water when the weather is warm,” explains Cortese. “This song takes place at Sifford Lakes, a favorite hike and swimming spot in Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California. Just after writing it, we performed it live for an intimate crowd in Portland, Oregon. Synchronized swimmer Michele Kraus of the Rose City Raindrops was in the crowd and offered their talents for a music video. We said yes!!” she continues. “Flash forward to August 2017 with expert film maker Madison Rowley up on a ladder and the Rose City Raindrops submerged in the Willamette River.”

Without further ado Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Skipping Stone,” the new video from Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards:

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