Video Premiere: “Waiting For Change” by Emily Mure

On her recently-released album Worth, New York City-based folkster Emily Mure sings of a journey of personal healing. With an ethereal voice that could quiet the noisiest room, Mure delivers the poignantly personal in the most relatable of ways. Ahead of her upcoming appearance at this year’s Folk Alliance International Conference, she unleashes the video for album track “Waiting For Change.”

Filmed on a cold, winter afternoon on a highway near Woodstock, New York, “Waiting For Change” offers a front-seat perspective—Mure sings about change, we see her face reflected to us in the rearview mirror as she drives, continually moving forward. “My frequent collaborator, Siobhan Cox, shot the whole video from the passenger’s seat of my car as I drove,” Mure explains. “We propped the camera up on a suitcase and shoebox and shot it in slow motion with the track playing double speed.  This meant singing the song two times faster than normal so the footage would sync up with the song.”

“Coincidentally, when we filmed this video, I was going through a rough time which reflected the state I was in when I wrote the song,” she continues. “This time, an important relationship in my family was dissolving and I was feeling stuck and defeated. I find that when life is at its most difficult, it’s hardest to remember that things will change,” she adds. “This song, and now this video, have become my reminder that they always do.”

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew presents “Waiting For Change,” the new video from Emily Mure:

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