Video Premiere: “On My Mind” by The Maytags

The Maytags, Des Moines, Iowa’s ruling retro-soul collective, will release The Secret Stash Sessions EP on May 9th, a follow-up to their stellar debut album, 2016’s Love Lines. Ahead of releasing their new tunes, the band has a brand new video for “On My Mind,” a track from the forthcoming release.

“This song is about a girl I used to date,” explains frontman Dustin Smith. “Even after not seeing each other for a long time she continues to return to my thoughts and my head—‘Darlin’, I told you not to come home, but you did.’ It’s a somewhat bittersweet experience that she’s always on my mind, but it’s also frustrating that I can’t quite figure out what it is that keeps us dangling in each other’s thoughts,” he reveals. “The imagery of the song was like she’s a thousand miles away but always right in front of my face.”

The song’s accompanying video, directed by Des Moines-by-way-of Los Angeles film director Jack Meggers, features a daydream-y, dancing librarian who may or not be imagining a fling with a lovely, Lindy Hopping lady. “Until now, The Maytags have only done live setting music videos. We really wanted to switch it up with the feeling of The Secret Stash Sessions—more playful, a direct story line, full color, and not so much about us as a band,” explains Smith, though the band playfully executes a prominent supporting role in the video. Be prepared for an unadulterated injection of pure sunshine.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “On My Mind,” the new video from The Maytags:

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