Interview: Ida Mae

A year ago, Chris Turpin and Stephanie Jean, otherwise known as London roots-rock duo Ida Mae, pulled up stakes and relocated to Nashville. Was that scary? “Yes!” Turpin says with a laugh. “It was less scary since it was the two of us together. It wasn’t until we landed that we realized how far away... Continue Reading →

Interview: New Reveille

It’s been said that diversity is the art of thinking independently together. Rarely do life’s paths form in straight lines—and in the case of North Carolina-based Americana outfit New Reveille, those paths were varied and multi-directional. “We call it reverse engineering because we made the record, then we took a picture, and then we made... Continue Reading →

Interview: Melodime

They say variety is the spice of life, and Northern Virginia-based rockicana outfit Melodime is testing that theory—in more ways than one. “We just got back from our third annual summer music camp this past August in Haiti, it was awesome,” explains vocalist Brad Rhodes of the band’s non-profit Now I Play Along Too, which... Continue Reading →

Interview: Sons of Bill

"My dad was a musician and a songwriter. He was also a professor. He was a shy, introverted man who was blessed, and cursed, with six kids. He didn't get all that necessary alone time that I knew he needed. He would get up at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning while everybody still sleeping... Continue Reading →

Interview: Charlie Overbey

Charlie Overbey has done a lot of living; from making music about his many experiences to repurposing vintage beaver pelts to create his own brand of designer hats, he knows a thing or two about second chances. “Oh, man, I've lived 150 lifetimes,” he says with a laugh. “I've been to prison. I've lived in... Continue Reading →

Interview: Bishop Gunn

"We should be sponsored by Drano," laughs Travis McCready, lead vocalist of Mississippi blues-rock outfit Bishop Gunn. Three of the four band members have been living and writing together in a house in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee—a house with only one bathroom, where the luscious-locked men fight a clogged drain on the regular. Even so, they... Continue Reading →

Interview: Josh Lovelace

“I grew up listening to a lot of folk music, inspired by song leaders—those people who can stand up with a guitar and get people to sing, like Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie,” says singer/songwriter Josh Lovelace, who is well-known as the keyboardist for Grammy-nominated anthemic folk rock band NEEDTOBREATHE, currently recording their seventh album... Continue Reading →

Interview: Emma Hern

Nashville-based Emma Hern is a young lady with an old soul. The Richmond native, who cut her teeth in Boston, moved to Nashville two and a half years ago--in need of a change, but initially dead- set against making a move to the Music City, she came for a visit, you know, just for fun. “My... Continue Reading →

Interview: The Bones of J.R. Jones

Two years ago, when last we spoke with Jonathon Linaberry, who makes music under the moniker The Bones of J.R. Jones, the Brooklyn-based artist was longing to get away from the city and move to a quiet place upstate. “We sort of did,” he laughs. “My wife and I bought an old farmhouse up in The... Continue Reading →

Interview: Animal Years

If you happen to have a free 19 minutes, head over to your favorite streaming service and check out Far From Home, the recently-released EP from Brooklyn-based folk-rock outfit Animal Years. It’s a rollicking good time, one that will make you stomp your feet and clap your hands—it’s evident that the band behind the music... Continue Reading →

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