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  • Interview: BJ Wilbanks

    Interview: BJ Wilbanks

    “When I was kid, my granddad showed me some gospel music licks on the guitar,” recalls blue-eyed soul man BJ Wilbanks. “I got interested in playing, but didn’t take it seriously until I was a teenager, and I started writing, kind of out of necessity for me. It was like therapy for heartbreak and all […]

  • Video Premiere: “On My Mind” by The Maytags

    Video Premiere: “On My Mind” by The Maytags

    The Maytags, Des Moines, Iowa’s ruling retro-soul collective, will release The Secret Stash Sessions EP on May 9th, a follow-up to their stellar debut album, 2016’s Love Lines. Ahead of releasing their new tunes, the band has a brand new video for “On My Mind,” a track from the forthcoming release. “This song is about a […]

  • Interview: Jessie Smith

    Interview: Jessie Smith

    “Music found me as a kid,” says Georgia-bred Nashville-based soulstress Jessie Smith. “I was an average kid in every other way, but the first time I noticed I could keep a beat was in first grade church choir, I had to tell all the other kids when to come in! That same year, my mom […]

  • Album Review: Diamond Days EP – Castro

    Album Review: Diamond Days EP – Castro

    With Diamond Dreams, the debut EP from folkicana trio Castro, out September 2nd via Fervent Records, siblings Jason, Michael, and Jackie Castro take the concept of “blood harmony” to an atmospheric, otherworldly level. Their goosebump-inducing blend, a seamless, velvety tapestry of vocal virtuosity, makes the hair on the back of my neck stand at attention. The […]

  • Interview: Matt Brown

    Interview: Matt Brown

    “Yeah, I guess it’s kind of creepy,” laughs soulful songcrafter Matt Brown about naming his baby blue Fender Telecaster. “I have lots of guitars, but ‘Stella’ and I have a special bond. I think every player has that ‘one’ guitar. She’s irreplaceable.” The Washington native with an old soul got Stella at the turning point in his […]