Interview: Max Gomez

“I’m a working-class singer/songwriter who is pretty much always on tour, always writing, and looking towards the next thing,” says Max Gomez, the youngest of five boys from a Taos, New Mexico-based family. “One of my older brothers played guitar, and he was the guy in the family who always stop the show, the coolest... Continue Reading →

Interview: Stranger Friends

When you zoom out from your regular perspective of the world, it’s easy to find connections everywhere you look. So-and-so knows so-and-so who introduces you to so-and-so…much like Kevin Bacon, we’re all probably separated by six degrees or less to others in ways we’d never imagine possible. Such is the story of how Nashville-based Americountry... Continue Reading →

Interview: Jared & The Mill

Arizona is the true wild west; some western states claim to be such, but Arizona is the real deal. Jared Kolesar, frontman of Jared & The Mill, a fifth generation Arizonan whose ancestors were wrestling the desert landscape into submission before it was a state, takes pride in his heritage and homeland, evidence of which... Continue Reading →

Interview: Chuck Dennie

“My college roommate had a guitar and all the girls thought he was cool, so that inspired me to pick up music,” laughs multiple Dove Award winner Chuck Dennie. The Nashville-by-way-of Texas artist has blazed a new trail with the release of a new EP, Gypsy Heart, under the moniker of his new project, Aledo.... Continue Reading →

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