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  • “Histories” – New Album from The Daily Fare

    “Histories” – New Album from The Daily Fare

    Alissa Abeler and Hannah Smith, who migrated southward to make Nashville their home, make beautiful music together as The Daily Fare. Coming from opposite ends of the musical spectrum–from Beethoven to punk cabaret–the pair have put their kickstands down in the realm of dreamy, pop-tinged folk music. Their voices blend in a heavenly, inviting mix, […]

  • Interview: Max Gomez

    Interview: Max Gomez

    “I’m a working-class singer/songwriter who is pretty much always on tour, always writing, and looking towards the next thing,” says Max Gomez, the youngest of five boys from a Taos, New Mexico-based family. “One of my older brothers played guitar, and he was the guy in the family who always stop the show, the coolest […]

  • Interview: Stranger Friends

    Interview: Stranger Friends

    When you zoom out from your regular perspective of the world, it’s easy to find connections everywhere you look. So-and-so knows so-and-so who introduces you to so-and-so…much like Kevin Bacon, we’re all probably separated by six degrees or less to others in ways we’d never imagine possible. Such is the story of how Nashville-based Americountry […]

  • Album Review: The Infamous Stringdusters – Undercover Vol. 2

    Album Review: The Infamous Stringdusters – Undercover Vol. 2

    The Infamous Stringdusters, with their marathon touring schedule, have somehow found time to drop their 3rd release this year.  Undercover Vol. 2 offers an incredible follow-up to their highly-touted Undercover EP from 2015.  The album offers a way for the band to break genre boundaries with covers by an eclectic track listing of artists, young […]

  • Album Review: 5j Barrow – The Journey Vol. 1

    Album Review: 5j Barrow – The Journey Vol. 1

    “Let me pull you closer to me, as we waltz ‘round the room,” sings 5j Barrow’s Jason Hite, in the opening verse of “Seagreen Dress,” the  first song on their forthcoming EP, The Journey Vol. 1. His beautiful tenor ebbs and flows with the pulsating strums of the accompanying acoustic guitar—and then in an unexpected […]