Video Premiere: “Bison” by Anouk Asunder

Nashville-based indie folk outfit Anouk Asunder will release their album, ROAM, on June 16th. The album, inspired by frontwoman Iris Dutour’s move to the United States six years ago and the accompanying emotional experiences of growth, choices made, and lessons learned, is the band’s debut effort.

“I always liked the connotation of the words ‘to roam,’” Dutour explains of the album’s title. “There really isn’t a word in the French language that means the same thing. Roaming, to me, means that we have to wander, sometimes far from the nest to figure out and experience for ourselves who we are and what we want to do with our lives.” Today, the group unleashes the video for “Bison,” their first single from ROAM, a dreamy campfire song of minor chords and major contemplation. “When I left France seven years ago to see what was waiting for me across the ocean, I got a tattoo on my left shoulder of a bison,” Dutour recalls. “A bison to remind me when I feel low and hopeless, that I have to keep moving forward as my journey is not over.”

“I wrote ‘Bison’ a few years ago, but it’s only recently after revisiting the song and bringing it to the band that it felt finished and ready to be recorded,” she continues. “It is a song about opening up to the person you are to become. I wanted the lyrics to reflect, through nature-filled images, how it feels inside to go through the ups and downs of life. How even though self doubt and fear can be overpowering, there is always something that keeps me going forward and trust that I am carried with each step that I take. Something telling me to keep roaming.” The song’s video, filmed in the Tennessee countryside, is a fitting visual interpretation of the track’s ethereal sensibility, freedom, and natural beauty, featuring the band playing and dancing in a sun-washed landscape.

Without further ado, Mother Church pew proudly presents “Bison,” the new video from Anouk Asunder:

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