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  • Throwback Thursday: Live Show Review of Sierra Ferrell — Halloween 2019

      It was pitch black outside as a light rain obscured the waxing moon.  A stark chill was in the air, punctuating the eerie silence that blanketed all hallows eve in Crab Orchard, Tennessee.  Across from the field that Byrd’s Creek Music Festival calls home, there was a glow in the night.  Inside a well-appointed […]

  • The Byrd’s Creek Music Festival 2018 – A Breath Of Fresh Air

    The Byrd’s Creek Music Festival 2018 – A Breath Of Fresh Air

    In 2018, like a breath of fresh air, The Byrd’s Creek Music Festival swept into the bustling Americana and bluegrass music scene. With the event recently announcing its return for 2019 and its move to summer dates—July 11 through 13—we thought it would be a good time to look back on the festival’s inaugural year […]

  • Live Show Review: Molly Tuttle

    Live Show Review: Molly Tuttle

    At any given record shop, you can find the volumes of music left behind by amazing musicians who took an ill-fated leap of faith into the spotlight of fronting an album.  Some the whispers of faded dreams, others parables on vanity, they haunt the dusty bargain CD bins and record crates. However, some who are […]

  • Live Show Review: Mary Bragg

    “Always choose love.” These words of wisdom were bestowed upon Mary Bragg by her grandmother when Bragg was fresh out of high school and torn between spending the summer with a potential church camp inspired romance—or make her first trip to Nashville. At her recent concert celebrating the release of her latest album Violets As […]

  • Live Show Review: Ruston Kelly

    Over the last year, Ruston Kelly has rapidly transformed from a critically-acclaimed rising star to a household name. During that time, conversations about Kelly have taken two paths—  redemption is always topic number one. Skim his bio, listen to any of his songs, leaf through a couple of tabloids, and the stories quickly reveal that […]