Video Premiere: “Rattling My Bones” by Brian Pounds

“If you don’t like this video, then I’ve wasted 1/4 of my life savings,” laughs Brian Pounds of "Rattling My Bones," his newest release. The song appears on the quick-witted Texas-based singer/songwriter's 2017 album, Southern Writer; in personal protest against mainstream streaming services, Pounds made the thoughtful decision not to make the album available via... Continue Reading →

Interview: Greyhounds

“There’s always been a connection between Texas and Tennessee,” opines Andrew Trube, co-founder of Austin-based blues rock outfit Greyhounds. “Most Texans are from Tennessee originally—in the 1880s my ancestors wrote ‘GTT' on the front door and took off. ‘GTT’ means ‘Gone To Texas,’ and when the tax man came looking, they’d see that on the... Continue Reading →

Live Show Review: The Band Of Heathens

Twenty minutes before showtime, the stage at the Basement East was already ensconced by fans waiting for The Band of Heathens. In the Nashville music scene, where being fashionably late is the norm and tour managers often usher a lurking crowd closer to the stage, it was a pleasant surprise to see the Heathens faithful... Continue Reading →

Interview: Chase Gassaway

“Music is all I’ve ever done, I’ve never known anything different,” says Austin-based Americana artist Chase Gassaway, who grew up singing in church choir, playing cello and trombone, and who taught himself how to play guitar and keys, all before finishing middle school. “Writing is something that naturally came about as I was teaching myself... Continue Reading →

Interview: Will Johnson

Some folks talk about giving of their time and talents to benefit others in order to make an impact and change the world for the better. Others actually walk the walk, and Austin-based singer/songwriter Will Johnson is one of those individuals. He recently donated proceeds from the sale of his music and art to socially-oriented non-profits,... Continue Reading →

“I Got Love”- New Video from Reed Turner

Austin native and indie-folk trailblazer Reed Turner isn’t one to be tied down, in his life or his music. Turner has shifted gears for his latest EP Native Tongue, bringing to life a darker, more aggressive brand of reverb-laden Americana. In a year marked by health issues and subsequent solitude, Turner transformed his backyard shed into a makeshift workplace,... Continue Reading →

Interview: Shane Smith & The Saints

There’s a tangible sense of freedom that permeates the Texas landscape; when I lived there, it was impossible not to acknowledge the wild spirit of independence that electrified the air itself.  The atmosphere is rich with opportunity, as if anything is possible.  Texans possess a certain strength, where deals are still made on handshakes, and... Continue Reading →

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