Review: Horseshoes & Hand Grenades at The High Watt

As Music City haunt The High Watt began to fill with attendees eager to experience Wisconsin-based bluegrass band  Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, the lights above shone down onto the empty stage and illuminated a lone microphone in the center. The five-piece took their positions around the center, tuned up, and jumped right in with a quick-pacing bluegrass... Continue Reading →

Interview: The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers

“We’re a party band. We’re there to get wild and dance and stir things up. We don’t sing a bunch of ballads. The goal is to crank things up and make people have a good time,” says Will Wadsworth, singing drummer and founder of Los Angeles-based roots collective The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers, who are... Continue Reading →

Interview: Nicole Atkins

“I keep wanting to call myself The Blue-Eyed Goombah because I’m a Sicilian that makes dark-edged psychedelic soul,” says internationally acclaimed veteran songstress Nicole Atkins with a laugh.  “When people think of blue-eyed soul, they think of music that’s very white and measured, and my music is everything but.” The singer, who is working on her next... Continue Reading →

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