Live Show Review: Nate Currin at The High Watt

Nate Currin, a troubadour in the truest sense of the term, is touring around the country on his modern-day horse—an RV—which he saddled up and rode into Nashville recently to support the release of his newest album, The Madman and The Poet.

Currin, accompanied by his trusty guitar and an able band, began the set with tracks from the new album, including the tender heart-string tugger “A Madman and A Poet”, and the vengeful “Ballad Of A Horse Thief”, complete with Currin’s ominous whistling which never fails to evoke dusty images of rolling tumbleweeds.

When introducing older tune, “Coast To Coast”, the literal “son of a preacher man” who tours constantly said that he is the oldest of four siblings who have all settled down and started families; Currin said his brother calls him the gray sheep, because he’s not bad enough to be black sheep anymore, which garnered laughs from the crowd.

He also told the story behind album track and reality check “She Reminds Me”; as Currin sat at a bar feeling sorry for himself, a woman approached him and thanked him for his music, which had gotten her through hard times—“The years had not been kind/they’d turned her into stone…She reminds me to love/Though my bitter heart had strayed/She reminds me there’ll be better days”, words that brought me to the edge of stool on which I sat.  His ability to craft a song from his, and really, every person’s stories, and deliver them night after night with so much yearning and authentic conviction is nothing less than remarkable.






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