Off The Stage: The National Parks

Photo credit: McKenna Chatterley For most casual fans of music, the forty-five minutes that a band spends on the stage is all they can see. However, when the guitar cases are closed and the venue’s floor is littered with empty beer cans and trash, most bands load their gear into the van and return back... Continue Reading →

Album Review: VON GREY – In Bloom EP

It's a common understanding that the strongest trees have the deepest roots--in their new EP In Bloom, folk-pop trio VON GREY celebrates their acoustic roots and spreads their wings of independence. The six-song gem features new tunes and breathes life into previously-released ones, all anchored by the sisters’ signature blood harmony, stringed mastery, and gut-punching lyricism. ... Continue Reading →

Interview: Rose Cousins

“If my guts had a landscape, it would be Prince Edward Island,” Rose Cousins says with a laugh of her seaside Canadian upbringing. “The further I get away from how I grew up, like thinking it wasn’t that interesting, I see how special it was now that I’m older and have been traveling all over,”... Continue Reading →

Video Premiere: “Hannah” by Handsome Hound

"Too often, our society still dictates what you can or should do, often based on our gender. To me, 'Hannah' is about rebellion. It's about pushing back against external norms and influences, and finding yourself in the process," explains Clarie Daviss, co-lead vocalist of Washington, D.C.-based folk pop outfit Handsome Hound. "People have often asked us... Continue Reading →

Album Review: Diamond Days EP – Castro

With Diamond Dreams, the debut EP from folkicana trio Castro, out September 2nd via Fervent Records, siblings Jason, Michael, and Jackie Castro take the concept of “blood harmony” to an atmospheric, otherworldly level. Their goosebump-inducing blend, a seamless, velvety tapestry of vocal virtuosity, makes the hair on the back of my neck stand at attention. The... Continue Reading →

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