Premiere: “Every Day And Night Now” by Kris Gruen

“When my elder daughter was three, I started introducing her to pop rock music with Peter Bjorn And John’s ‘Young Folks,’ Band Of Horses’ ‘Is There A Ghost’ and The Strokes’ ‘Last Nite,’” recalls singer-songwriter Kris Gruen. “We’d watch the animated Young Folks video before bed and she’d purse her lips in the shape to whistle, trying her best to get a note to swell.” Experiences like this shaped the sound of the songs on Gruen’s forthcoming album, Coast & Refuge, mainly written at the California shoreline, and set for release on June 22nd. Today, Gruen unveils a new single fro the album, “Every Day And Night Now,” enlisting the help of Peter Morén of alt-pop outfit Peter Bjorn & John to co-write and provide backing vocals on the track to put a pop spin on Gruen’s straightforward folk sound.

“I was a grateful and longtime fan of Peter Morén’s when I met him in September 2016 at the St. Eriksplans subway stop in Central Stockholm for the co-write we’d arranged through a mutual friend, David Myhr,” he explains. “He was surprisingly generous with his time, suggesting we get lunch and hang for a bit before heading to the theater space he’d planned for the writing session. During lunch he was forthcoming about his experience with the surprise success of Young Folks, saying it swept him up on a roller coaster ride around the world the likes of which many artists fantasize their whole lives about. It was an exciting and interesting story, intermittently interrupted by passing fans beside themselves with excitement to have recognized him in such uncluttered settings, asking for a picture of the two of us, one I felt completely undeserving to be included in,” he continues. “We finished lunch and headed to the empty venue to write, where the conversation continued, leading to a shared sentiment: ‘what is the value of the wisdom gained from age compared to the fire and freedom of youth?’ That’s when we started penning a storyline and lyrics, musing on the dichotomies of midlife and rock n’ roll.”

With a choir of voices and tribal-esque rhythms, Gruen’s new tune is a foot-stomping fist-pumper that will surely inject sunshine into your day. Without further ado, Mother Church Pew presents “Every Day And Night Now” by Kris Gruen:

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