Video Premiere: “Hannah” by Handsome Hound

“Too often, our society still dictates what you can or should do, often based on our gender. To me, ‘Hannah’ is about rebellion. It’s about pushing back against external norms and influences, and finding yourself in the process,” explains Clarie Daviss, co-lead vocalist of Washington, D.C.-based folk pop outfit Handsome Hound. “People have often asked us if ‘Hannah’ is based on a real person. We’ll break news and admit ‘Hannah’ is a fictional character. Still, her story is no doubt shared by many. She’s a woman under the pressure of societal norms, and she’s not taking it. She’s fearless. Sometimes I wish I was more like Hannah!”

The song, featured on Handsome Hound’s debut EP, I Guess We’re Doing Alright, is deeply personal to Daviss, a strong-minded gal who dealt with similar issues growing up in Texas. Appropriately, the video for “Hannah” — directed by Kip Radt, is very tongue-and-cheek and features a glowering female boxer, played by Amaris Montes. “In the video, the boxer is hardcore prepping for her big match, in a mostly funny but sometimes painful process,” Daviss continues. “Most of the video was shot in Urban Boxing DC. We also shot the scenes for the bridge in Meridian Hill Park in Columbia Heights; true DC locals will recognize that the statue the boxer looks up at is Joan of Arc.”

The video is pure fun; we love it, and you will too. Without further ado, Mother Church pew proudly presents “Hannah”, the new video from Handsome Hound:

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