Premiere: “Our Turn” by Big Little Lions

On Alive and Well, their third full-length album set for release on February 23rd (Far Flung via The Orchard), Helen Austin and Paul Otten, who make music together as Big Little Lions, take a dark, yet hopeful turn. The folky duo pens songs that acknowledge human frailty and modern preoccupations, as well as anthems of hope and resistance, declaring that when people gather to share music, “love is all there is.”

Today, the pair unleash album track “Our Turn,” an anthem in its own right. “I have a millennial daughter and Paul has a millennial stepdaughter, and we see the pressures and blame put upon them when they are dealing with things that other generations took for granted like job security, owning a house, etc.,” says Austin of the inspiration for the song. “Their label as ‘lazy and entitled’ seems unfair when we see so many of them work so hard just to get by. This song is kind of their anthem, a backlash to the blame.”

With foot stomps, handclaps, and a tribal beat that carries fist-pumping lyrics and harmonies into the atmosphere, Big Little Lions encourage us to take it back, it’s our turn. Without further ado, Mother Church Pew presents “Our Turn” by Big Little Lions:

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