Album Premiere: “Interlaced EP” by McKenzie Lockhart

Folk pop singer-songstress McKenzie Lockhart, happy to be back in her native Alabama after trying her hand at pursuing music in Nashville, is elated to be releasing her most authentic project to date.

While living in the Music City, Lockhart began to experience a longing for her home and space to explore her creativity, so, she packed up her things and headed south to Florence, Alabama with renewed purpose. After moving back, she dug deep into her roots and invested in her local music community by establishing a house show movement called CO-OP, and found her own unique voice in the process–a sound she channeled into her new her first proper EP, Interlaced, set for release on Friday, September 9th.

The writing, recording, and release of Interlaced is truly a collaborative affair that brings together many of the voices that fill Lockhart’s every day life and showcases her reconnection with community and her newly revived appreciation for the soil that made her who she is.

Recorded in the harrowed Smoakstack Studios in Nashville, Interlaced was truly a collaborative effort–Lockhart’s fiancé and several friends wrote with her, her brother contributed the hand-drawn artwork that graces the cover of the project, and she partnered with good friend and singer-songwriter Quinn Erwin to release the EP through his new artist development conglomerate Waterman Creative.

The album is Lockhart’s reflection on the outside strands that have threaded together to make her unique–or better yet, the strands that bind us all to our family, our friends, and our homes. It represents the culmination of years of writing, working, and growing up for Lockhart as she has sought to find her own artistic voice. “I wrote and recorded throughout high school and over the course of my first two years out of school, but at twenty-four, I feel like I’m just now really finding my voice–and voices– to an extent,” she explains.

“I grew up heavily involved in church, and I still am today,” she continues. “This lead me to see the need for honest songs and not just honest songs about religion, but honest songs about life…the small heartbeats and moments big and small that flood our days and cause us to contemplate anything larger than ourselves in the first place I’m trying much less to constrain myself and more just to make the music I love that I can share with others.”

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents Interlaced, the new EP from McKenzie Lockhart:

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