Premiere: “Tennessee Years” by Melanie Brulée

Photo credit: Emma Lee Nashville and Toronto-based Melanie Brulée will release her new album Fires, Floods & Things We Leave Behind on October 19th. Today, she unveils her new single “Tennessee Years.” A western-tinged meandering tune with understated flourishes of yearning pedal steel, “Tennessee Years” is a comforting fireside tribute to her one-and-only—a love song by... Continue Reading →

Interview: Charlie Overbey

Charlie Overbey has done a lot of living; from making music about his many experiences to repurposing vintage beaver pelts to create his own brand of designer hats, he knows a thing or two about second chances. “Oh, man, I've lived 150 lifetimes,” he says with a laugh. “I've been to prison. I've lived in... Continue Reading →

Video Premiere: “Dixie Crystals” by Ben de la Cour

Storyteller. It’s a word that is bandied about incessantly in the Americana world-- understandably so, since Americana music has become the alternative to mainstream country, where it’s okay for envelopes to be pushed, for taboos to be explored, and for societal norms to be called into question. Some fall short of the title; Nashville-based troubadour... Continue Reading →

Premiere: “Amen” by The Dryes

“I met him singing in the church choir/lit up my heart like that holy fire,” confesses Katelyn Drye, one-half of Nashville-by-way-of-North Carolina husband-wife country duo The Dryes, in the pair’s debut single, “Amen.” Searing guitar licks, slinky groove, and an army of backing vocals provide a firm foundation for lyrical cleverness—using church-y references to describe, and... Continue Reading →

Interview: Keaton Simons

Whoever determined that someone talented at all trades should be named “Jack” never met Keaton Simons. The Los Angeles—based singer, songwriter, sideman, collaborator, and producer began singing as soon as he determined he could make sounds, and by the ripe old age of 14, he knew music was his life’s path. And, while it’s said... Continue Reading →

Interview: Kellen of Troy

“It was the worst of times, it was the best of times, that’s more like it. The worst came first,” laughs Kellen Wenrich of the birth of his most recent project, Kellen of Troy, formed amidst life transitions, a breakup, and the demise of his band, Apache Relay. “There were a lot of things coming... Continue Reading →

Premiere: “No Way” by Lottie

Over the past year, alt-country songcrafter Lottie has navigated her soul through a tireless maze, a metaphor aptly in line with her debut EP, Leaving The Labyrinth; now, where Labyrinth saw Lottie successfully grappling with her inner demons, her forthcoming release tells a survivor’s story, where imperfections have evolved into graces, and fear has given... Continue Reading →

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