Premiere: “No Way” by Lottie

Over the past year, alt-country songcrafter Lottie has navigated her soul through a tireless maze, a metaphor aptly in line with her debut EP, Leaving The Labyrinth; now, where Labyrinth saw Lottie successfully grappling with her inner demons, her forthcoming release tells a survivor’s story, where imperfections have evolved into graces, and fear has given way to courage.

The Nashville-based Alabama native makes music that resonates with the twang and the soul of the deep south–the theme of “place” makes its mark on her work, her roots grounded in her southern hometown and upbringing. Today, she unveils her single “No Way,” a toe-tapping come-to-Jesus moment delivered with sweet, crystalline vocals and wrapped in the familiar warmth of 90s-era country.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “No Way” by Lottie:


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