Premiere: “Amen” by The Dryes

“I met him singing in the church choir/lit up my heart like that holy fire,” confesses Katelyn Drye, one-half of Nashville-by-way-of-North Carolina husband-wife country duo The Dryes, in the pair’s debut single, “Amen.” Searing guitar licks, slinky groove, and an army of backing vocals provide a firm foundation for lyrical cleverness—using church-y references to describe, and barely contain, the sultry fire of new love.

“We wanted a sexy, fun story of how we met. Which was actually related to us going to church together and being in the church choir,” Katelyn explains. “It progressed from there pretty quickly, as the song infers.” “Amen” will be featured on the first of two four-song EPs slated to drop this year.

Wedded to each other and married to music, The Dryes’ lifelong commitment to family, faith, and their art is the rock on which their destined-to-be timeless tunes and relationship are set. Can we get an amen?

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Amen” by The Dryes:

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