Premiere: “Tennessee Years” by Melanie Brulée

Photo credit: Emma Lee

Nashville and Toronto-based Melanie Brulée will release her new album Fires, Floods & Things We Leave Behind on October 19th. Today, she unveils her new single “Tennessee Years.”

A western-tinged meandering tune with understated flourishes of yearning pedal steel, “Tennessee Years” is a comforting fireside tribute to her one-and-only—a love song by someone who doesn’t generally write love songs. It’s “more please” music—because after even a cursory listen, that’s what you’ll want.

“’Tennessee Years‘ was written in Nashville in collaboration with singer-songwriter Guy Christiano,” Brulée explains. “He and his wife and child moved here from California–she wanted to continue her studies and she convinced him to come to Nashville so he could work on his music. I guess you could say I’ve bonded with more newcomers and Canadians in Nashville- it’s a tough place to get into at first,” she adds. “We wrote this song together for our respective partners as a thanks for sticking with us through this absolutely insane career choice.”

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Tennessee Years” by Melanie Brulée:

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