“The Addict” – New Music from Lyman Ellerman

“Call me an addict,” sings Lyman Ellerman–the first words of his recent aptly-titled single “The Addict” which lay all the cards on the table. Dedicated to his late son, who struggled much of his adult life with drug addiction, Ellerman recalls a conversation the two had before his passing; “At the time, he was using and trying to get me to accept him the way that he was,” he says. “Of course, I accepted him, but I told him I couldn’t really understand where he was coming from, from a clean person’s point of view.”

“The Addict” is featured on his forthcoming record I Wish I Was A Train and is a beautiful example of the troubadour’s honest, soul-baring style, as road-worn lyrics delivered in solemn contemplation remind us of his, and in turn our, humanity.

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Susan Hubbard

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