Tag: alt-folk

  • Premiere: “Greenfield” by Graham Norwood

    Photo credit: Alicia J Rose We can’t be all things to all people, and it’s impossible to please everyone all the time–but when this realization occurs in a relationship with someone you love, knowing how to move forward can be challenging. Such is the case in “Greenfield,” the lead single from Out of the Sea, […]

  • Premiere: “Bones & Gravity” by Lizanne Knott

    Metaphysical theories and speculations aside, time moves in one direction; it’s an intangible thing, always there–until you need more of it. Losing someone we love can be devastating, and dealing with that grief can take many forms. In her new single, “Bones & Gravity,” the title track to her forthcoming LP due out October 4th, […]

  • Premiere: “Gideon” by Delafaye

    What’s in a name? A word associated with an identity, names have power. But just because you know someone’s name, doesn’t mean you know his or her story. For a songwriting storyteller like Louisville, Kentucky-based Andrew Shockley, who makes music under the moniker Delafaye, a name is a prime creative opportunity. Following the release of four […]

  • Video Premiere: “All The Hornets Burn” by Michael Thomas Howard

    “These songs just needed to come out, and there was no other way to go about it,” says folkster Michael Thomas Howard of his forthcoming release All The Hornets Burn, out November 16th via Soundchest Records. With deep roots in the Alaskan punk and post-hardcore scene of the early 00’s, Thomas, whose DIY approach and […]

  • Premiere: “French Braid” by Besides Daniel

    “‘French Braid’ is a vivid confession,” says Danny Brewer, the creative force behind Georgia-based alt-folk outfit Besides Daniel, of the band’s new single. A boundless chorus and kinetic verses weave a backdrop while trembling lyrics gush “I will peel back the crust of the earth, I will dive in.” Written over a five-year period, “French Braid,” […]