Premiere: “Gideon” by Delafaye

What's in a name? A word associated with an identity, names have power. But just because you know someone's name, doesn't mean you know his or her story. For a songwriting storyteller like Louisville, Kentucky-based Andrew Shockley, who makes music under the moniker Delafaye, a name is a prime creative opportunity. Following the release of four... Continue Reading →

Premiere: “French Braid” by Besides Daniel

"'French Braid' is a vivid confession," says Danny Brewer, the creative force behind Georgia-based alt-folk outfit Besides Daniel, of the band's new single. A boundless chorus and kinetic verses weave a backdrop while trembling lyrics gush "I will peel back the crust of the earth, I will dive in.” Written over a five-year period, "French Braid,"... Continue Reading →

Video Premiere: “Rattling My Bones” by Brian Pounds

“If you don’t like this video, then I’ve wasted 1/4 of my life savings,” laughs Brian Pounds of "Rattling My Bones," his newest release. The song appears on the quick-witted Texas-based singer/songwriter's 2017 album, Southern Writer; in personal protest against mainstream streaming services, Pounds made the thoughtful decision not to make the album available via... Continue Reading →

Premiere: “Letters” by Bobcat Rob & The Nightly Howl

Santa Cruz, California based Bobcat Rob & The Nightly Howl will release their forthcoming LP A Different Horse on September 14th. Housing twelve roots-infused songs that showcase a range of emotion. From folky contemplations to bluesy rockers, A Different Horse encapsulates the broad facets of the Americana genre. Today, the band unleashes its new single, “Letters,” a dust-tinged tune... Continue Reading →

Premiere: “Mole Hills” by Baerd

Recorded in May 2017 in the mountain town of Hope, Idaho, Boston folk outfit Baerd’s forthcoming album Crete is steeped in elusive but firm folk sensibilities and pushes beyond the sonic boundaries of their previous releases. Today, the band unleashes "Mole Hills," inspired by frontman Isaiah Beard's reflection on his personal growth. "It is a... Continue Reading →

Video Premiere: “Dixie Crystals” by Ben de la Cour

Storyteller. It’s a word that is bandied about incessantly in the Americana world-- understandably so, since Americana music has become the alternative to mainstream country, where it’s okay for envelopes to be pushed, for taboos to be explored, and for societal norms to be called into question. Some fall short of the title; Nashville-based troubadour... Continue Reading →

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