Album Review: The Wood Brothers – One Drop Of Truth

It’s been said that diversity is the art of thinking independently together; when unity is achieved through diversity, beauty is created. This concept is masterfully demonstrated in One Drop Of Truth, the new album from The Wood Brothers, out today via Honey Jar Records/Thirty Tigers.

Album opener “River Takes The Town,” about watery devastation, feels like a laid-back front porch conversation or story—the subject matter may be heavy, but it is what it is. The gears shift when second track “Happiness Jones,” with its slinky groove and funky beat, compels toes to tap and heads to bob. Just as we’re comfortable travelling that path with the band, the gears shift again with the hot gypsy-jazz feel of “Laughin’ or Crying.”

From finger-picking ballads to reverb-y funk to swampy blues, The Wood Brothers seem to cover all the bases there are to cover, yet this sonic trail mix of an album inspires wonder instead of whiplash. In less capable hands, the task could’ve been a disaster—they have turned it into total domination.

Though every song has its own unique personality, each fits into the album’s diverse landscape like an essential piece of a brightly-textured puzzle. We can’t get enough of this album, and that’s the truth.

[Click HERE to purchase One Drop Of Truth.]

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Susan Hubbard

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