“Texas Dust” – New Music from Nathan Evans Fox

“Texas Dust,” the title track to the sophomore album from Georgia-based songcrafter Nathan Evans Fox, was born from a newly-recovered stack of his grandfather’s Army records that revealed the arc of his grandfather’s life as a Southern migrant worker turned Sergeant who eventually was discharged in order to help his family cope with the loss of their youngest child.

“So when you find yourself missing /Who you wished I’d be/And in your prayers I left my demons in them South Pacific seas/I can’t change all my ways/Can’t change the laws of grief/Back when I was twenty-one/I was on the run/We were not in love/I was Texas Dust,” he sings; with carefully-hewn lyrical insight delivered in his velvety twang, Fox reflects from the perspective of a man toughened by life’s circumstances. Give it a spin:

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