MCP Sessions: Suzie Brown

“‘Sweet Tooth’ was the very first song I ever wrote in Nashville, before I moved here,” says singer/songwriter Suzie Brown of her perennially punny tune. “My husband Scot [Sax] was here to write, and I was in the hotel. I thought I might as well write a song too,” she laughs. “And, I love candy.”

The song can be found on Brown’s latest album, Sometimes Your Dreams Find You, a collection of heartfelt reflections on love and family, released in May 2017. “It’s a complete 180 from the way I started out in music, which was heartache song after heartache song,” explains Brown, who amazingly balances her music career with her other gig—being a congestive heart failure/cardiac transplant specialist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. No big deal. “I was on maternity leave after having my second baby, and I’d been in a writing rut,” she continues. “I challenged myself to write a song a week, never thinking I’d actually do anything with them. I wrote about my babies, how I love my husband, how parenthood is hard. People ask me what the next five years will be like, and I hope it’s more of this. That’s a nice way to feel,” she adds. “If you’re happy, you win.”

We caught up with Brown recently, and she performed an acoustic version of “Sweet Tooth” just for us, check it out:

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