Video Premiere: “Alone With You” by Canyon City

Through simplicity, creativity and beauty shine, adding elegance and sophistication to words and sounds; writer and producer Paul Johnson, the creative force behind Nashville indie folk outfit Canyon City, is living proof. With almost 700,000 monthly Spotify listeners and over six million streams, Johnson’s accolades have been achieved independently and organically, luring and enticing the... Continue Reading →

Video Premiere: “Bison” by Anouk Asunder

Nashville-based indie folk outfit Anouk Asunder will release their album, ROAM, on June 16th. The album, inspired by frontwoman Iris Dutour’s move to the United States six years ago and the accompanying emotional experiences of growth, choices made, and lessons learned, is the band’s debut effort. “I always liked the connotation of the words ‘to... Continue Reading →

”Like I Used To” – New Music from Siv Jakobsen

Norwegian indie folk songstress Siv Jakobsen has released ”Like I Used To,” the first track from her debut LP, slated for release later this year. Both the single and album were recorded over the summer at London’s Urchin Studios, under the masterful hand of producer Matt Ingram (Laura Marling, The Staves) and engineer Dan Cox (Thurston Moore, Lianne La Havas). Jakobsen, who hails from Asker, a town just... Continue Reading →

“Jephthah” – New Music from Zach Cannella

New Nashvillian and indie folkster Zach Cannella has released "Jephthah," his first since moving to from Chicago to the the Music City in 2015. The classically-trained Cannella employs a unique vocal style and layered vocal harmonies; ‘Jephthah’ reflects on the uncertainty of modern life and the struggle to live up to improbable expectations, as it cranks up... Continue Reading →

Off The Stage: Michael Howard

For most casual fans of music, the forty-five minutes that a band spends on the stage is all they can see. However, when the guitar cases are closed and the venue’s floor is littered with empty beer cans and trash, most bands load their gear into the van and return back to their normal lives.... Continue Reading →

Premiere: “Andy’s Song” by Michael Howard

Alaska native Michael Howard will release his new album, Gasoline Dream, this Friday, August 12th. The singer-songwriter and activist follows in the tradition of great American socially-conscious storytelling songwriters; he is also an outsider, culturally and musically. Even though his American Heartland lies at the edge of the Last Frontier, his music reads the pulse of contemporary society, no matter where its... Continue Reading →

Album Review: Excuses – Cereus Bright

Nashville may be the country music capital, but musical greatness can be found throughout the fine state of Tennessee.  Cereus Bright, an alt-folk five-piece hailing from Knoxville, are up-and-coming legends in their own right.  Their debut album, Excuses, is a songwriting masterpiece.   We've all encountered albums housing songs that all sound the same, with little to no... Continue Reading →

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