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“It’s funny; I feel like the longer I live in the city, the more ‘country’ my music sounds,” says New York City-based Americana singer-songwriter Todd Lewis Kramer.  “I grew up listening to that kind of music, and being from a small town, where there was a lot of green, a lot of trees, it stuck with me, even though I live in the concrete jungle of the universe.  Every time I would write a song, it would end up being in that kind of style.”

Kramer decided not to fight his sonic destiny, and spent the last couple of years crafting his debut album, Fairground, comprised of ten road-worthy tunes of love, loss, and self- reflection.

“Writing the kind of music I do, people are always asking me why I don’t move to Nashville.  It was a daydream for me, I’m a northeasterner.  I was going through a period of wanderlust and I was kind of down about being in New York, so I wrote a song for the album called ’Tennessee’  about that daydream, and about what it’s like going through your 20s.”  While the record’s creation took a couple of years, the actual recording of it was a marathon weekend session, during which Kramer was battling the flu.  “‘Working On Me’ is probably the most lyrically honest song I’ve ever written.  It was recorded at the end of the marathon weekend session when we made the album, it was the last thing we did, and I was sick as a dog.  My guitar player and I did it live, there’s a rawness to it.”

Fairground’s open-road vibe lends itself to becoming your new favorite road trip soundtrack, one that encompasses a roller coaster of emotions, so be sure to pull over if you need a good cry, y’all.

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