Album Review: Yarn – This Is The Year

rsz_yarn_this_is_the_year_cover.jpgThe only sure thing is change, some say;  some also say there’s a season for everything.  North Carolina-based Americountry outfit Yarn says this is the season for change, and have chronicled it on their scrumptious new album, This Is The Year, set for release on May 27th.

“Oh Carolina, won’t you rescue my heart/It’s barely beating/I’m begging for a new start/I’m crying/I hope it’s not too far to my Carolina Heart”, sings vocalist Blake Christiana in the album’s delicately brilliant opener, “Carolina Heart”, which pays homage to the band’s new home.  Yarn cranks it up a notch with the electrified title track, a declaratory anthem of sorts about facing that above-mentioned season of change face-first.

The band’s outlaw country influences come though loud and clear on the rambling “I’m The Man”,  the two-step inducing “Long Way To Texas”, and the easy-going “Simple Life I Ride”, all of which evoke a refreshing road-worn charm and remind this listener of the AM country heard on the staticky radio programming of my childhood.  While most boys had posters of Farrah Fawcett plastered to their bedroom walls, Christiana confesses in his classic country croon an adolescent crush on the bleached-blonde Country Queen herself in “Sweet Dolly”.  To be sure, identifying highlights here was a difficult task, because, in its entirety, this album is stunning.

Yarn has declared that “This Is The Year”, and after listening to their new record, I believe it.

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