Interview: Michael Logen

I have to confess—I’m not a crier; some have questioned whether or not I even have tear ducts. However, when I saw the Folgers Coffee television commercial entitled “Coach”, which premiered during the Opening Ceremony of this year’s Olympic Games and featured the song “Couldn’t Ask For A Better Friend” by Nashville songwriter Michael Logen,... Continue Reading →

Interview: Tom Rhodes

“I hesitate to say it this way, but I sort of eat life and shit songs,” laughs Tom Rhodes, singer, writer, and master of all things stringed, who released his fifth full-length album, Who You Were, in July. Rhodes, who finds creative inspiration in the temperate beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area which he... Continue Reading →

Interview: Caroline Glaser

Nashville-by-way-of-St. Louis singer-songwriter and Season 4 constant on The Voice, Caroline Glaser,  will release her self-titled debut album on Friday, June 24th. “I’ve always  loved music but never pursued it fully until after my experience on The Voice,” she says. After the show wrapped, Glaser hit the road to tour, and two years ago, decided to call... Continue Reading →

Interview: Bruce Molsky

“My sister tells me I knew all the words to all the songs on pop music radio in New York City by the time I was 5, which would be 1960, a long time ago.  I’ve always loved music, it’s the default mode in my brain.  I started playing guitar when I was 10; fell... Continue Reading →

Interview: Todd Lewis Kramer

“It’s funny; I feel like the longer I live in the city, the more ‘country’ my music sounds,” says New York City-based Americana singer-songwriter Todd Lewis Kramer.  “I grew up listening to that kind of music, and being from a small town, where there was a lot of green, a lot of trees, it stuck... Continue Reading →

Interview: Roanoke

“I am so passionate about Americana music; it’s true and honest and raw. We're inspired by the storytelling and instrumentation of it--it’s country, it’s blues, it’s folk, there are so many elements to Americana,” explains Taylor Dupuis, vocalist of Nashville-based folkicana outfit Roanoke.  “I initially hadn’t thought about pursuing folk or Americana music, but I... Continue Reading →

Interview: Tim McNary

Tim McNary is a seeker; always with a book in tow—Rainer Rilke, Beat poetry from the likes of Lawrence Ferlinghetti as of late, and facing challenges with resolve and curiosity.  After college, he ventured alone to South America, backpacked through Peru and Bolivia, eventually landing in Brazil, teaching English to children.  “I got my mom to... Continue Reading →

Preview: Charlie Parr at 12th & Porter on 4/11/16

Bluesy roots music revivalist Charlie Parr can play anything with strings like it ain’t nobody’s business, holler and howl like a Mississippi Delta blues originator, and looks like one of my family members who grew up in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.  Interestingly enough, Parr actually hails from the Land of 10,000 Lakes (for those... Continue Reading →

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