Tips for Troubadour Travel From Lauren Pratt

A captivating voice, haunting imagery, and vivid narratives: this describes Lauren Pratt the singer-songwriter.  But how about Lauren Pratt, the traveling artist? Mother Church Pew is proud to present Pratt's tips for the road, told in her own voice: Photo Credit: Shelby Nicole Goldsmith From Lauren:  If you're a traveling troubadour (I can't believe I'm... Continue Reading →

Interview: Charley Crockett

If to travel is to live, Charley Crockett is immortal. From his humble beginnings in south Texas, the multi-faceted Crockett has been all over the planet, playing his music for anyone who would listen. “When I was a teenager my mama got me a guitar from a pawn shop. I was going back and forth... Continue Reading →

Off The Stage: JD McPherson

For most casual fans of music, the forty-five minutes that a band spends on the stage is all they can see. However, when the guitar cases are closed and the venue’s floor is littered with empty beer cans and trash, most bands load their gear into the van and return back to their normal lives.... Continue Reading →

Interview: The Novel Ideas

“There’s something about a sad country song sung in a sad way that moves me more than anything else,” explains Daniel Radin of Massachusetts-based country folk band The Novel Ideas. “For all of us, there’s something about earnest, subtly sad music that hits us.” The band released a self-titled album in early September, which features... Continue Reading →

Interview: Sean McConnell

“It’s just me with a guitar and a piano on this tour,” says veteran country-folkster Sean McConnell, who is currently on tour supporting his new acoustic album, Undone, out via Rounder Records. “Maybe I could sell a few more tickets if I could pull off playing them both at the same time. I’ve been thinking... Continue Reading →

Live Show Review: Pokey LaFarge

There was surely something in the water at Wonder Ballroom in Portland, Oregon Tuesday night. I bore witness like a soul being saved to the genre-blending music of Pokey LaFarge. He walked on stage, with his arms wide open, a welcoming host with his merry and mischievous band of story tellers. The night was to... Continue Reading →

Live Show Review: Travis Linville 

With its intimate interior, the Basement is one of those venues where an artist can build a true connection with the room. Featuring an accoustic, mostly solo set, Oklahoma folkster Travis Linville capitalized on the cozy setting to let his singing and guitar picking skills shine, while keeping the room on its toes with his... Continue Reading →

Interview: Daniel Romano

Daniel Romano is irritated with the monarchy. “I had so many things I wanted to do today,” laughs the native Canadian, whose to-do list is being seriously impeded by the celebration of the government holiday Victoria Day, though it’s hard to believe much would slow him down. Romano recently released his latest album, Modern Pressure,... Continue Reading →

Interview: Travers Geoffray

Travers Geoffray has music—and New Orleans—in his DNA. “My grandfather was a musician in New Orleans, so was my great-grandfather who came from France to New Orleans,” he explains. “My dad wasn’t a professional musician, but because of our family history, he wanted to make sure music was a part of our education.” Geoffray,who was... Continue Reading →

Interview: Cris Jacobs

“My parents used to listen to music all the time, they’d leave us with a babysitter while they’d go to a three night Grateful Dead run up in New York City or somewhere like that,” says Baltimore-based Americana artist Cris Jacobs, whose news album, Dust To Gold, was released on October 21st via American Showplace... Continue Reading →

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