MCP Sessions: K Phillips – “Nobody Does It”

With his new album, Dirty Wonder, Tennessee-by-way-of West Texas troubadour K Phillips embodies the diverse sounds and styles of his Lone Star state upbringing. The album, released on March 10th via Rock Ridge Music, features "Nobody Does It," a frank conversation between soon-to-be ex-lovers framed up inside an easy-going groover. We met up with K and... Continue Reading →

Interview: Vandoliers

Alt-country outfit Vandoliers blend Texas two-stepping country rock with touches of Tejano and mariachi—and throw a little rowdy punk rock in for added flavor. “The punk is my fault,” laughs frontman Joshua "Fireball" Fleming. “I was in a punk band for a long time. When you’re in a three-piece band, it can get a little volatile,... Continue Reading →

Album Review: My Mountain – Jeremy Nail

Alt-country artist Jeremy Nail's new album, My Mountain, produced by the iconic Alejandro Escovedo, is an excellent addition to his catalogue;  the heart of a classic Texas troubadour beats strongly in this masterpiece. The title track, with its hint of blues and loads of soul, is an exceptional way to begin the album's journey.  Nail has established a signature... Continue Reading →

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