Premiere: “A Song For Smiley” by Saints Eleven

One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is kindness; You never truly know the extent of someone’s personal struggles, what someone might be dealing with at a given time, or what sort of day a person might be having. A word of encouragement or a simple gesture like a smile can do to lift up others around you. Dallas, Texas-based outfit Saints Eleven‘s new single “A Song For Smiley,” from their new EP This Town out March 27th, embodies this sentiment and more.

Inspired by the untimely loss of a fellow Texas artist last year, frontman Jeff Grossman understands all too well about poor decisions and mistakes made with catastrophic repercussions. While none of us are saints by any stretch of the imagination, having compassion for our fellow lost souls does put into motion a saintly ripple effect.

“‘A Song For Smiley’ was one of those songs that didn’t take me long to write,” Grossman conveys of the track. “We lost a colleague in the music industry to a tragic accident. This isn’t a person I would say was my ‘friend’, but we knew each other. Hugged each other’s neck and said hello the few times we passed each other coming on or off the stage. I was heartbroken when I heard the news. Not because of who the person was, but because it was a heartbreaking story all the way around. When I heard a few days later that this person was just getting destroyed on social media, it was a mix of emotions. I see both sides, I really do, but we’re humans, we make mistakes,” he continues. “I honestly really don’t know how I would feel if I lost my child to a horrible accident caused by someone’s negligent decision. Maybe I would be hypocritical and lose my mind over it, I don’t know, but Lord knows I have done some really dumb stuff in my life and I’m very fortunate to still be here…I think we all have. I wanted to say, ‘hey, It was a terrible accident. We’ve all made some dumb decisions. We need to remember to love and forgive.'”

Born to love, but taught to hate. It’s all up to ourselves to make the change,” he sings, his road-worn vocals brimming with emotion. This campfire-esque reflection is a timely message for us to be kind to each other, and if we can’t agree on anything else, we can agree on that.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “A Song For Smiley” by Saints Eleven:


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