MCP Sessions: Shane Smith & The Saints – “I Can Hear Him Now”

Upon experiencing Shane Smith & The Saints‘ live show earlier this year, I was completely blown away; their expansive brand of Texas country is made even richer through their assortment of stringed instruments,  stellar harmonies, and the power of Smith’s vocals; when reviewing their show, I wrote: “Smith’s deep and gritty voice is unexpected and enormous;  it’s as if he pulls it from the very bottoms of his feet, swelling inside until it barrels out of him like a tidal wave.”

The Saints were in Nashville recently, and they performed “I Can Hear Him Now”, a barn-burner from their last album, 2015’s Geronimo. Take that above-mentioned intensity,  multiply it by 100, and you will experience the pure, raw, visceral energy of this band, up close, just like we did.

Buckle up for this one, y’all.


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