Album Review: My Mountain – Jeremy Nail

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 1.44.59 PM.pngAlt-country artist Jeremy Nail‘s new album, My Mountain, produced by the iconic Alejandro Escovedo, is an excellent addition to his catalogue;  the heart of a classic Texas troubadour beats strongly in this masterpiece.

The title track, with its hint of blues and loads of soul, is an exceptional way to begin the album’s journey.  Nail has established a signature sound with his guitar playing and style, a fine example of which is his song “Survive”; with its intricately smooth yet, easy-going feel, coupled with Nail’s warm vocal delivery, this encouraging tune will make you feel like you can do just that–survive.  There is also no mystery in what makes “The Great Mystery” so incredible; the combination  of Nail’s weeping acoustic, simmering electric, and swelling strings produce nothing less than spiritual ecstasy.   My Mountain bursts with heart-felt lyrics matched equally by heart-felt music.

Nail is a survivor; his songs could undoubtedly permeate the hardest of hearts, and ensure that even though he won’t live forever, his music will.

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