Interview: Hayley Thompson-King

From horse culture to high culture—Hayley Thompson-King is one of the most unique artists on the scene today. Raised in Florida and spending weekends watching her dually-driving father’s team roping competitions, the young, small-town girl began to develop an undeniable talent that pulled her in a classical direction. “I think I’ve always had classical leanings,... Continue Reading →

Interview: Cowbell

“We knew we were going to be good friends,” says Jack Sandham of his bandmate, Wednesday Lyle. The pair met when Sandham crashed a party at Lyle’s house, and together, they formed British roots rock duo Cowbell. “You know when you meet somebody and you hit it off really well, you have good arguments about... Continue Reading →

Album Review: Imelda May – Life. Love. Flesh. Blood

It has been three years since Irish singer-songwriter Imelda May’s last studio release.  Drawing on her personal changes during that time--primarily the end of her eighteen year marriage--May has crafted an intimate and revealing work with her upcoming fifth album Life. Love. Flesh. Blood. With a powerhouse assembly of industry talent including the legendary T... Continue Reading →

Interview: Tami Neilson

“I grew up singing in a family band with my parents and my two brothers,” recalls Canadian-born powerhouse of country soul Tami Neilson.  “My mom was into country, and my dad was a rock n’ roll blues guy, so I came out some sort of a hybrid. I always gravitated to big voices, I was... Continue Reading →

Interview: JD Wilkes

“I always liked acting up and playing piano, I thought I’d always be a cartoonist though, it’s my first love. There’s no way I ever imagined this would be my life. I mean, I don’t really even know what it is I do now, as an adult. I can’t describe it, it’s strange, but it’s... Continue Reading →

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