Live Show Review: Gregory Alan Isakov in Nashville

Gather together fans of glorious folk, presented by not only mandolin and banjo, but combined with a small orchestra, turning the acoustic into the symphonic, and featuring the lovely voice of Gregory Alan Isakov, and you have an audience that is all but forced to experience feelings the depth of which could never have been anticipated.

As I sat in the crowd amassed at Marathon Music Works recently to enjoy the greatness that is Isakov and company, I realized how much I absolutely appreciate the sound of strings in natural form. I was awestruck by the effortless cooperation between band and singer, as lush harmonies swirled around us, captivating the audience, and capturing my soul. The bass was rich and thick, contrasted with the brightness of the banjo, as cello forged a sonic bridge between the highs and lows; we were drawn in, our hearts skipping beats, painting pictures of beauty in our collective consciousness.

Isakov tells lyrical stories gathered from a lifetime of travel, inspired by diverse experiences, and delivered through rudimentary folk instrumentation. His songs touch the heart, and leave the listener feeling inspired.  His music cultivates a longing—to find your home, to find a sense of place, to discover hope. Its effects are simultaneously complex and primal, and it was an experience that I will never forget.








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