Premiere: “Andy’s Song” by Michael Howard

Alaska native Michael Howard will release his new album, Gasoline Dream, this Friday, August 12th. The singer-songwriter and activist follows in the tradition of great American socially-conscious storytelling songwriters; he is also an outsider, culturally and musically. Even though his American Heartland lies at the edge of the Last Frontier, his music reads the pulse of contemporary society, no matter where its coordinates may lie.

Howard grew up playing in punk bands, and knows what it is to be removed, living on the edge of civilization. Being formed as an adolescent by punk’s do-it-yourself ethic, he is an explorer and an inventor, creatively speaking. After many dark Alaskan winters touring the rest of the state and long Arctic summers as a community organizer and activist, his unique perspective has come to fruition in Gasoline Dream, a collection of poetic Americana born from life on the road.

“Andy’s Song” was inspired by the life of a friend, and tells an unfinished modern-day story of love and heartbreak, in true troubadour style.

Mother Church Pew is proud to present “Andy’s Song” by Michael Howard, give it a listen:


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