Video Premiere: “Alone With You” by Canyon City

Through simplicity, creativity and beauty shine, adding elegance and sophistication to words and sounds; writer and producer Paul Johnson, the creative force behind Nashville indie folk outfit Canyon City, is living proof. With almost 700,000 monthly Spotify listeners and over six million streams, Johnson’s accolades have been achieved independently and organically, luring and enticing the masses with his raw talent and minimalist production.

With 2016’s glorious album Midnight Waves under its musical belt, Canyon City will unleash its next effort, Constellation, on October 6th. “Constellation feels to me like both a refinement of my sound as Canyon City, and also a departure to explore some new territory in the production and lyrical theme,” explains Johnson. “As with the first record, I strive for all the songwriting to come from a sort of resigned honesty, using music to articulate the honest—and at times uncomfortable—whispers that required the silence of an empty room to hear. That’s part of the reason I spent a month in a Minnesota cabin to record and finish Constellation, to further dive in and see what’s been waiting for a pause in the inner/mental conversation to speak up and voice its opinion.”

With the new album, Johnson experimented with new textures and sounds to push the boundaries of folk music while still preserving its soul. “At the end of the process, for me Constellation is a picture of the experience of hope with limited sight—sometimes painfully stuck in the dark between the few known points of light, but trying to interpret the greater image nonetheless, maybe acknowledging both the truth and naivety in the hope that perception changes reality.”

Today, Canyon City releases an elegantly simple acoustic video of “Alone With You,” a poignant and moving track from Midnight Waves about being present and embracing the fleeting beauty of a moment.”This in-studio video was shot by my close friends, Electric Peak Creative, in my home studio in Nashville a few months after releasing the record,” he recalls. “The low-key space in the middle of the city ended up being an unintentionally appropriate setting for this acoustic rendition of the tune.”

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Alone With You,” the new video from Canyon City:

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