Premiere: “Mole Hills” by Baerd

Recorded in May 2017 in the mountain town of Hope, Idaho, Boston folk outfit Baerd’s forthcoming album Crete is steeped in elusive but firm folk sensibilities and pushes beyond the sonic boundaries of their previous releases.

Today, the band unleashes “Mole Hills,” inspired by frontman Isaiah Beard’s reflection on his personal growth. “It is a song about doubtful retrospection,” he explains. “The only reason why I had to change my own life is the result of my own poor decision making, thus I go between being proud of the changes I have made, and ashamed of all the things I did which forced me to change,” he recalls of time spent in recovery to overcome addiction and learn new coping mechanisms. “Most of my seriously positive life changes occurred when at a rehab in North West Montana and Idaho, and so mountains symbolize for me some serious grown that occurred in my late teens. In ‘Mole Hills,’ I question to what degree my thoughts on the past accurate, whether they are mountains or molehills, to what degree they are distorted.”

“Mole Hills” is a driven tune beneath which controlled chaos simmers, a jangly reflection and representation of the ever-questioning mind. Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Mole Hills” by Baerd:

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