Premiere: “Greenfield” by Graham Norwood

Photo credit: Alicia J Rose

We can’t be all things to all people, and it’s impossible to please everyone all the time–but when this realization occurs in a relationship with someone you love, knowing how to move forward can be challenging. Such is the case in “Greenfield,” the lead single from Out of the Sea, the forthcoming debut album from sideman/producer turned singer-songwriter, Graham NorwoodOut of the Sea is set for release in January 2020.

“This one’s about that feeling when you realize you can’t be or provide everything that a partner in a relationship wants from you,” he explains. “When that feeling comes along, the only emotionally honest path is to move on; but it’s often far from an easy choice to do so.”

Awash in soaring strings and folk-centric melancholy, Norwood evokes the likes of Elliot Smith and Sufjan Stevens with double-tracked vocals and acoustic fingerpicking. “Why start again when we both know the end?” he sings. And we all know that feeling, don’t we? That heartwrenching gut-punch of reality when we know there’s nothing that can be done to fix a situation. Here, Norwood delivers it rimmed with beauty, and we just know things are going to be okay.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Greenfield,” the new single from Graham Norwood:

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