Premiere: “40 Days” by Stewart Eastham

Nashville-based artist Stewart Eastham is back with “40 Days,” his first release since 2016’s jubilant Dancers In The Mansion. The song shows Eastham expanding his aural palette with more rock and synth elements while his trademark big drum sound is still there and bigger than ever. The song’s dark and surreal lyrics showcase the explorations of life, death, and rebirth found throughout his upcoming full-length release, The Great Silence.

“‘40 Days’ was one of the earliest songs I wrote for my new album and, because of that, it helped define the overarching death/rebirth theme of the entire record,” he explains. “Through the main character’s exotic journey into the heart of darkness, I was able to address some of my own fears regarding death and madness.”

To enhance the ominous sonic landscape of the track, Eastham decided to add synth tones to the mix, a first for his music and a sound that helped define the whole album. With its hard-driving rhythms, furious guitar licks, urgent vocal delivery, and the title’s biblical allusion, Eastham creates his own world and its apocalypse in the span of one song. We dig it.

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “40 Days” by Stewart Eastham:

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