Premiere: “Blackberry Wine” by Ben Strawn


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When you really think about it, the simple things in life are ones that matter the most. Moments spent connecting with friends at happy hour, sharing a smile with a stranger that brightens his or her day, giving loved ones hugs for no special reason–all are things that fill your proverbial cup, small investments with a high yield and no risk. Chattanooga, Tennessee-based artist Ben Strawn reminds us to consider this in “Blackberry Wine,” the latest single from his forthcoming record.

“’Blackberry Wine’ is the first song that I wrote for the album and the song that helped usher the LP into existence,” Strawn explains. “I wrote this song right after I graduated college and had (and quit) 3 full time jobs in a matter of like 4 months. I was so worried about meeting the social status quo that I started forgetting about what really mattered in my life. This song has one of the more simple messages on the record: living slowly with the people you love matters more than pretty much everything else,” he continues. “There will always be people to impress and deadlines to meet, but, with this song, I want people to know that spending time and maybe sipping a glass of wine with someone you love is what will help make you feel whole.”

“Blackberry Wine” has an easy feel; with yearning slide guitar licks and Strawn’s tender vocal style, this track is a simple pleasure in itself. 

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Blackberry Wine,” the new single from Ben Strawn:

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