Premiere: “Sometimes, The Road” by Stewart Eastham

Northern California-bred Nashville-based Americana troubadour, Stewart Eastham, is planning to release a brand new album, Dancers In The Mansion, out August 12th via Long Bar Music.

While Eastham’s previous album, The Man I Once Was, was a portrait of a man in turmoil, his new album paints a much different picture. Dancers In The Mansion is a celebratory and dynamic collection of songs which elevate the Americana genre to new heights.With its poetic lyricism and innovative musical arrangements, his vision is expressed in shades of country-flavored classic rock, psychedelic country, and echoes of Nashville’s late ’60s/early ’70s “countrypolitan” era. “While the last album was me looking inward, this one is more me looking outwards. So, in a strange way, it probably gives a better a sense of who I am and what I find interesting or moving,” he says.

Today, Mother Church Pew is proud to present the premiere of “Sometimes, The Road”, a song from the forthcoming album; “This song was inspired by several different things. The core of the song was verse two which is the first verse I wrote. I grew up in the country next door to my grandparents, so I was very close with them. A few months before finishing my last album, my Gramma (and last remaining grandparent) passed away. That album, The Man I Once Was, was dedicated to her.  Almost exactly one year later my girlfriend lost several family members; we were going to all these funerals, one after another, standing in the same place with the same people, putting another casket in the ground,” Eastham recalls. “That image really stuck with me.”

“Around the same time, we bought a house in East Nashville, and I finally started to really feel settled here,” he continues. “It was really that confluence of events that created the ideas and images I wanted to explore in ‘Sometimes, The Road.'”


Feast  your ears on “Sometimes, The Road”, and get ready for what’s to come:


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