Live Show Review: The Lumineers

When you finally get a chance to see a group you’ve liked for years perform live for the first time, the excitement and anticipation is next level.  You spend more time getting ready.  You rush your friends out the door so you’re sure to get a good vantage point. You’re amped the minute you walk into the venue, like it’s electrically charged.  The lights go down, proverbial curtain rises, and there they are!  It’s a whirlwind of emotion and a wonder to see, as were The Lumineers at Crystal Ballroom’s December to Remember concert series.  This trio turned quintet was a marvel Monday night, the crowd just feeding off the deeply-textured melodies pouring off stage.
They opened with fan favorite “Submarines” to get us moving. To me, it was a miracle the crowd could move at all; it was so tightly packed in this sold out show that standing shoulder-to-shoulder was an understatement.  We all seemed to move as a collective because of this very intimate space, undulating every which direction like the ebb and flow of the seas.  Dancing or moving in general required no effort at all on our part to follow the rhythm eminating from the stage.  Just like the submarine in the song, the energy of the crowd dove deep and surfaced with a roar while The Lumineers showcased their signature sound as they moved steadily though favorites.  “Hey Ho,” brought out the chants of the crowd over the volume of the band itself. “Ophelia” pushed The Crystal Ballrooms’s signature bouncy floor into overdrive, as we were all jostled out of our carefully selected and fiercely protected spots, and “Charlie Boy” stirred us into a foot-stomping frenzy.   They even did a tribute to the late, great Tom Petty, and finished us off with a flourish of confetti, a lovely start to the celebratory holiday season.  This monster-sized set left us all joyful and happy, and definitely worth the tight squeeze.

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[This feature was published originally on December 8, 2017 at East of 8th.]