Premiere: “Solace” by Monocle Band

Boulder-based quintet Monocle Band takes all of their influences—the mysticism of the west, the majesty of the Colorado landscape, and the richness of the surrounding folkicana music scene—and creates a storytelling journey through bluegrass, roots, rock n’ roll, and beyond. The band will release their second full-length album, The Clearing, on October 20th.

Recorded at the iconic eTown Studios and Cinder Sound Studio in Boulder with acclaimed producer/engineer John McVey, the record explores a variety of lyrical themes, including redemption through nature, struggles with self-doubt, as well as self-belief, hope and love, mystery, magic, depression, and dreams. The songs tell stories that center on realistic characters, yet explore evocative plots, all transposed through singer Monica Marie’s crystalline vocals. “Townspeople cling to hope as wildfire rages around them. Lovers’ prayers are answered on a rain-soaked creek side. Nameless figures meet with wonder in a moonlit clearing,” says Marie. “There are a lot of fascinating characters in this record. And we tried to make sure that the instrumental textures we came up with are as deep and varied as those characters are.”

Today, the group reveals “Solace,” a track from The Clearing, a winsome, yet dark tune with a hint of renewal. “The lyrics are about surrendering yourself to depression, the almost soothing feeling of just giving into sadness from time to time,” explains the golden-voiced Marie. “But, in the glimmering instrumental performances, from the delicate guitar work at the opening to the soaring violin climax, we see a glimpse of something more redeeming on the other side of this darkness.”

Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Solace” by Monocle Band:

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