Premiere: “Breaking Down” by Watching For Foxes

Watching For Foxes began as a group of friends rehearsing in an old math classroom in their vacant high school. After a move, and the addition of extra guitars, strings, and keys, the band has been creating a unique and powerful sonic landscape in which their songs about heartbreak, rebellion, and discovery can thrive. Now, the Michigan-based folk rockers are gearing up to release their sophomore album, Nostalgia In America, in 2018.
Nostalgia In America aims not for polarization or politics, but for insight into our shared human condition and how it has created our own beautiful, grimy, heartbreaking, and enduring American mythology,” declares lead vocalist Joey Frendo. “Where are at as a country, as a society, has roots that twist and wind so deeply… it’s informed by so much. Through the stories we tell and the in history we teach, or the facts we choose to ignore, all shrouded in folklore and perspective. We claim to have the answers, but the narrative for the record asks a lot of open ended questions, and we hope it shines some light on how we got here, why we are the way that we are, and maybe it’ll help us fix something in the end.”
Today, the band unveils album track, “Breaking Down,” a raw testament to Rust Belt-infused grit  and the heaviness of the daily grind of our American lives.  “This song sums up our feelings on our American mythology and how our human condition is at odds with it,” declares Frendo,  of the song.  “It’s very multi-layered as far as meaning goes, but to us it speaks broadly to the weight that bares down on us all. It’s in the air that we breathe, it’s in the jobs we work, it’s in the way we have to survive. It’s everything, and it’s a lot,” he adds. “This song speaks to both the whimper and the bang, the hurt and healing that we all endure every day in our own way. Whether we are on the giving or the receiving end, in the end all of our hands are dirty.”
Without further ado, Mother Church Pew proudly presents “Breaking Down” by Watching For Foxes:

Tour Dates (all tickets are available HERE):

Oct 05   The Monocle         St. Louis, MO

Oct 06    Third Street Dive         Louisville, KY

Oct 07    The Country         Nashville, TN

Oct 10     Sly Grog         Asheville, NC

Oct 11     Smith’s Olde Bar         Atlanta, GA

Oct 12    The Nick         Birmingham, AL

Oct 13    Blue Canoe        Tupelo, MS

Oct 14    Hi-Tone Café         Memphis, TN

Nov 11    Pike Room         Pontiac, MI

Nov 18   The Pyramid Scheme Grand Rapids, MI

Dec 01    Sidewinder Austin, TX

Dec 03   Lost Lake         Denver, CO

Dec 05    Pecos Flavors Winery Roswell, NM

Dec 08    Satellite         Los Angeles, CA

Dec 10     Hotel Utah San Francisco, CA

Dec 11     Kelly’s Olympian Portland, OR

Dec 12     Funhouse Seattle, WA

Dec 13     Neurolux Lounge Boise, ID

Dec 14     Kilby Court Salt Lake City, UT

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